Addiction Intervention

Often, when dealing with a person addicted, the cravings for their drug of choice, the life style entrapments that accompany substance abuse and the lack of experience in realizing that change can occur make the prospect of leaving drug and alcohol use behind scary and overwhelmingly negative. This is where Intervention comes in.

In general, the process of intervention can be thought of as the organized attempt by family, friends and professionals to become deeply involved in the addict’s life and the experiences that person has until that individual can see that getting help is their only chance of returning to a meaningful existence. This can be a formal paid intervention with a specialist trained to achieve results, or a family setting whereby the family demands the person get help and likewise achieves this same goal.

It is up to the person’s family and friends, initially, to not let the person addicted succumb to their own demise, therefore those same family or friends must establish an intervention and intervene into the addicted person’s life and cause them to reach for the help they so desperately need.

Once this decision is made all efforts are geared toward getting the person to seek help. It is wise at this point to consult a professional intervention team who can lead the family through the maze of interaction including an actual formal “sit-down” meeting with the person to get their agreement to get help.

There are a lot of issues that arise during an intervention, some of which having to do with the person’s medical safety, that must be addressed accurately so as not to put the person in more harm’s way by attempting to help them. Watching for severe withdrawal signs, assessing the person’s real drug use history to determine if all safety factors are in place and knowing when the person should be lucid and coherent as well as the best time to get the person’s agreement are just some of the factors which must be taken into account during an intervention.

We will help you put it all together so that the right intervention is done at the right time and all safety factors are held in place. From educating the family or friends as to how to accomplish an intervention meeting to assisting with hiring a professional interventionist if that level of service is needed. We will follow up with both parties to see the process through until the desired result is achieved, the person needing help actually getting the help they need.

To move forward on planning an addiction intervention contact us today. We’ll be glad to help.

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